About Us​​

Formed in November 2014, Blue Luxury Investments is an investment management company that focuses on deal sourcing and subsequent smart investment in viable ventures that demonstrate a clear return on equity whilst leaving a positive social impact on the sector in which the project is operating. Our primary market focus is emerging markets, particularly Africa.

We are passionate about developmental and growth projects and align ourselves with key stakeholders in relevant economic sectors.
At BLI we understand the importance of being entrusted to expand a corporate or personal portfolio. It means paying attention to detail and to the market trends; finding the right opportunity before your competition, and most importantly managing for profitable returns, not just in the short term but for the long haul.
BLI envisions a growing African economy that is transforming to change its narrative as “Africa Rising”, with our contribution being the backing of economically viable and socially astute investments.

Meet The Team
Maria Auma has over six (6) years in projects management and coordination, capacity building, fundsraising, strategic partnerships, advocacy, policy implementation and investment management of funds within Africa. Maria is passionate about working with businesses in Africa to build sustainability and improve livelihoods of communities. She desires to inspire women who are thinking of venturing into business or who are simply looking for the strength to persevere in their business. She is key in networking with investors both within Africa and globally. 
Maria Auma
Managing Partner
Robert Horne has over thirty (30) years in business management, business development, sales, website development and internet marketing with a vast experience in strategic growth and development. He has worked as a fund accountant for an investment and holding company.
His expertise includes; wealth management, risk management, estate planning, portfolio analysis, internet marketing and search engine optimization services. 
He is continuously increasing his experience in the African market providing key strategic and advisory direction.
Robert Horne
Managing Partner
Sharon Among
Sharon Tahani has over five (5) years in social development work, with skills in project initiation and management. She has worked as a Field work Researcher with UNHCR under Nsamizi Nkivaale Refugee camp Isingiro and has voluteered with Uganda Red Cross Society where she was involved in basic First Aid delivery, community service and community sensitization. Sharon is passionate about nature, tourism and conservation. She brings on board a combined practical experience of working in the field and handling on-the desk research.