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Who We Are

BLI is an investment management firm focused on smart investing into emerging markets. We fundraise for seed, angel, venture capital, private equity through our extensive networks with highnet worth individuals, family offices, private investors, sovereign wealth funds, financial institutions, investment clubs and partnerships with other investment firms. 
We envision a growing African economy that is transforming to change its narrative as “Africa Rising”, with our contribution being the backing of economically viable and socially astute investments. We are committed to the long game because we strongly believe that Africa has great potential to increase its
productivity and improve the lives of its people.

Our Services


We raise investment financing for businesses within East Africa through our funds and extensive network of investors.

Deal Sourcing

Funds Management

Our deal sourcing process involves de-risking and rebranding company structures, systems and processes to make businesses investment ready.
We are experienced in managing and deploying capital which is demonstrated in the growth of our portfolio companies. 

Who We Work With

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Our Partners

We value partnership with organisations that share our vision and mission for Africa and are constantly seeking positive collaborations across the board. We strongly believe that change is multisectoral, cutting across public and private eco-systems, and that to truly have a positive measurable impact all players need to work together.
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